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About the Art

Artist Johniene Papandreas brings fresh life to Renaissance masters such as Caravaggio, Da Vinci, and Michaelangelo as well as Pre-Raphaelite and French Romantic artists through the intensity of the cinematic close-up in her large-scale portraits and lushly atmospheric botanical paintings.  Employing an unusual technique using casein, a type of milk paint, the paintings have a soft, luminous quality that appear to glow from within even in the dimmest of light. 

Her portraits zero in on the micro-expression, the fleeting expressions between expressions that we sense rather than see, to reveal moments thought private, unobserved; moments when you may glimpse the absolute truth... the moments just before the walls go up.  As one engages her work, it is not unusual to experience a sensation of communion when the subject sparks something  in the viewer's memory  “My paintings can be emotionally provocative.  Every reaction is unique because we each carry different emotional baggage”, says Papandreas.  “As you gaze into my eyes your subconscious is unpacking that baggage.”

About the Artist

Before returning to fine art, Ms. Papandreas headed Valdreas Design, her own firm specializing in design for the legitimate and corporate theatre with offices in New York, Atlanta, and Boston   In 2002 chance led her to Provincetown, MA, on Cape Cod, where she launched Gallery Voyeur, her studio/gallery which brought her to the attention of collectors worldwide.   

The Artist/Client Collaboration

Whether working directly with private collectors or with Architects, Designers, or Consultants, Ms. Papandreas is engaged at every step to create an individual work of art that will speak uniquely to the space and your desires.  For more information please email us. The artist will respond to your inquiry personally.

 Johniene Papandreas

Hummingbird Fine Art

"Emotion hovered, hummingbird-like, and as quickly vanished leaving us to wonder in its wake."